Once upon a time Komiža was a little fishing place. With a variety of apartments and the rooms (currently registered over a thousand beds in private accommodation in Komiža), numerous cafes, a very rich cuisine, as well as various tourist attractions, it has grown into a real tourist destination. Komiža is located on the western part of the island, is situated at the foot of Mount Hum, at a depth of Komiža bay.

Throughout history Komiža was a big factor of fishing in the Adriatic Sea, its fishermen with old boats sailed mostly to the island of Palagruza, and islands: Biševo, St. Andrew, Brusnik (volcanic origin), Jabuka (volcanic origin). According to many, Komiža is still town on the Adriatic with most fishermen, and its fishermen were masters of the eastern part of Adriatic coast, as well as the originators of fishing in our area, which immigrants from Komiža have brought over the shores of South and North America.

komiža, island vis
city of komiza

Despite new lifestyles and new trends memories of the ancient fishing time, customs and tools are still proudly represented in its fishing museum. Komiža is also very proud of the fact that its the first place in Croatia that was visited by the Pope (Pope Alexander III), back in 1177.

It has beautiful narrow streets, a mild Mediterranean climate (large part of the Vis is the warmest place in the country), a beautiful bay (filled with fishing boats), the many beaches (in the Komiža there are over 10 beaches). Staying in Komiža we would recommend you to visit a true pearls of the Adriatic, such as: Green cave, coves Stiniva and Stončica on the island of Vis, and irresistible Blue Cave and the bay Porat on Biševo.

Apart from its outstanding natural beauty, Vis offers its guests the following: rich cuisine and excellent local wines, many visits to the nearby islands and beaches with tourist boats, various exhibitions, sports (soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball ..), extreme sports, diving, numerous performances of Dalmatian singing groups, as well as the performances of various pop singers through the summer.

Of course for all young people who want nightlife there is a disco bar. Because of its beauty and because of the large number of interesting activities for tourists, Komiža has a growing number of satisfied tourists from year to year.

Visit this irresistible place, and spend some unforgettable moments in our apartments enjoying a unique view of the Komiža bay.

komiža, island vis
stiniva, island vis



cove pritiscina, island vis
blue cave, island biševo